Troop 163 has done a variety of fundraising activities in the past including wreath selling, newspaper recycling, District popcorn and candy sales. In 2009 the newspaper recycling project fizzled out, with the cost of recycling the paper more than what we earned, so we cast about for other possibilities.

In the spring of 2009 we began a partnership with OSU recycling where we recycle cans and bottles. We do this about once a week, with the boys sorting the cans/bottles from the glass and garbage and then other boys returning the cans/bottles for money that will help them pay for summer scout camp. We were going gung ho with this project when OSU descided to pull the plug, citing security and safety issues. So we are casting about for another idea for fundraising.

Summer of 2009 and 2010 we participated in daVinci Days, Red, White and Blues Festival and Fall Festival, emptying the garbage/recycle bins. We earned a bug chunk of our operating budget from these activities.

Where does the earned money go?

  • Money earned from cans/bottles goes into each scouts account with a small portion going to the troop fund.
  • Money earned from popcorn and candy sales goes directly to the scouts account who particpated.
  • Money earned from the festivals goes to the troop fund to pay for new equipment, repair of old equipment, refurbishing the troop trailer, paying for gas and food for campouts, etc.
  • If you have any new ideas of how the boys can earn money for the troop, please let our scoutmaster know.